International Conference on
Cell Science & Molecular Biology

Theme : How Cell Science and Molecular Biology impacting Human Lives

About Us

Welcome to the exciting noble Conference on Cell science and Molecular Biology.
Molecular biology discovers, designs, develops and manufactures drugs including complex antibiotics. molecular biology ensure designing, maintaining and sustaining of quality control procedures in a pharmaceutical lab. Pharmaceutical prevents microbial contamination in pharmaceutical drugs. Whereas the  molecular biology, who studies specimens, identifies and isolates viral, fungal, bacterial, and parasitic agents that causes infections, works in tandem with pharma industry to develop new technologies and drugs to fight emerging infectious diseases.

  • Despite the technological advancements in molecular biology, why there is a continuous rise in infectious diseases in the world?
  • Has molecualr biology failed to live up to its expectations?
  • What is the Role of Research in molecular biology?
  • What are the technological developments in molecular biology?
  • How far has it succeeded in ensuring the well-being of human beings across the world?

Besides, issues such as Clinical Research, Clinical Pharmacy, Toxicology, Antibiotics, Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs, GMPs in Pharma Industry and so on would become the burning topics that would rage in this noble Conference on Cell science and molecular biology held in Paris in September 17th-19th 2018.

Academicians, medical college professors, pathologists, clinicians, doctors, surgeons, scientists, researchers, medical students, pharmacy students, health practitioners, nurses, pharmaceutical companies, their employees, medical executives, hospitals and their staffs, clinical research organizations and laboratories, laboratory equipment manufacturers, microbiologists, students, healthcare personnel and people whose interests lie in clinical diagnosis, pharmaceutical and microbiology are going to participate in this noble Conference on Cell science and molecular biology.